2014 Jun SGX Day Traders' Member Gathering Form (欢迎报名, 名额有限。Register Now! Limited Seats.)
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Contact Number (Prefered HP)联络号码(手机) *
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Trading Account Number 跟我们开的股票交易户口 *
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Do you want to bring freind and Open trading account with us? If YES, Please fill their Name, Contact Number. (Use , to segregate new name) Thank you in advance. PS: May bring more friends!
如果您喜欢我们的服务,请与您的朋友分享。谢谢。If you like our services, please share with your friends. Thank You
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Do you want to help us to do volunteer , 你愿意帮我们做志愿者吗?(12:30 to 13:00)
Help to usher members, Account Opening, Setup LTS to Thump Drive and Set layout. 帮助欢迎会员,开户口,设置LTS在U盘和设置股票交易布局。
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