Word Processing Skills Survey
If you do NOT know how to do the skill, click on "No."
If you knew how to do the skill before this class began, click on "Knew before class began."
And if you didn't know it before this class, but know it now, click on "Didn't know before class, but I do now."
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Insert and delete text. *
Use undo and re-do. *
Use keyboard shortcuts for cut, copy, and paste. *
Use both the find command and the find/replace command. *
Use find/replace with formats, special characters, and non-printing elements. *
Insert date and time codes. *
Insert symbols (e.g. Wingdings, Webdings, etc.). *
Create and apply frequently used text with AutoCorrect. *
Insert and remove page breaks. *
Insert and remove line breaks. *
Insert and remove column breaks. *
Set font name, size, style, and color. *
Set other character effects such as superscript, subscript, strikethrough, etc. *
Define, apply, and remove styles. *
Set paragraph alignment. *
Set line spacing. *
Set paragraph spacing options (before, after). *
Set indentation options. *
Create and modify a bulleted list. *
Create and modify a numbered list. *
Create a drop-cap. *
Apply borders and shading to paragraphs. *
Sort lists, paragraphs, tables. *
Create sections with formatting that is different from other sections. *
Set page orientation. *
Set page margins. *
Create and modify the header/footer for a section. *
Create page numbers for a section. *
Create and use columns for a section. *
Change column widths. *
Balance column length (using column breaks appropriately). *
Use the spelling/grammar checker. *
Use the thesaurus. *
Create a new document using a template. *
Navigate through a document using keyboard shortcuts. *
Create and modify page borders. *
Format first page differently from subsequent pages. *
Create citations, footnotes, and endnotes. *
Create a bibliography. *
Create a watermark. *
Save a document with a different file type (e.g. html or txt). *
Open, close, and save a file. *
Save a file with a new name. *
Print a document. *
Set/clear tab stops for all four types of tabs (left, center, right, and decimal). *
Create a tab with a dot leader. *
Create and format tables. *
Set table borders and shading. *
Revise table structure (insert/delete rows/columns, merge cells, change row height and column width). *
Rotate text in a table. *
Perform calculations in a table (sum a column). *
Create a text box. *
Set the properties of a text box (size, border, fill color). *
Insert drawing objects: pictures, clip art, shapes, SmartArt, WordArt. *
Format a drawing object using the drawing tools. *
Position graphic elements on the page. *
Delete graphics. *
Create a mail merge main document. *
Create a mail merge data source (names and addresses). *
Sort mail merge records. *
Merge main document and a data source. *
Insert a field in a mail merge document. *
Record a macro. *
Customize toolbars and ribbons. *
Insert comments. *
Create a table of contents. *
Create an index. *
What score do you think you would have earned if you had taken the Word test before the semester began? *
What score do you think you would have earned if you had taken the PowerPoint test before the semester began? *
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