Teach LA Dev Team Interest Form
Hey there, hope you're doing well. I'm Leo, the dev team director for Teach LA. We're glad that you're interested in joining the dev team and looking forward to getting to know you!

**There is no bar to entry for the dev team, but this form will provide us with a little extra information about your experience (if applicable), and interests (if applicable).**

We just want to understand you as a developer and person better. Once you complete this form, you'll get an invite from me to the Teach LA Slack, where you can then get in touch with everyone in the organization!
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What's your most-played song this year?
That's it for the required questions! If you want to tell us more about yourself, though, go ahead and do so below. But no pressure, all we need is your contact info.
Please check the terms you've heard before
You have to build a static website for your favorite animal. How cool is it?
Essentially, where would you place yourself on a scale if you had to describe your HTML, CSS, and JS ability?
It is a JPEG of a snake
It is single-player slither.io
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How comfy are you with modern CSS?
Not sure!
I use CSS vars, selectors, and animations regularly. Flexbox is the messiah.
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How about JavaScript?
Not sure what that is
My life is just arrow functions
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How about React?
I've built a webapp with React!
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If I had to pick what type of developer I'd be right now, I'd pick:
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