Volunteering Projects Management seminar ---аpplication form---
CVS-Bulgaria in cooperation with 12 partners has been implementing the project "Volunteering from A to Z" aiming at improving and enhancing the quality of volunteer projects with a focus on ESC and thus ensuring that the activities of these projects are achieved more effectively for both the main actors (volunteer, host organization, supportive organization, mentor, supervisor) as well as for the other affected - target groups, local volunteers, local community, etc.

Within the project CVS-Bulgaria is organizing "Volunteering Projects Management" seminar that will take place from 23 till 29 April 2020 in Emen village, near Veliko Tarnovo, Bulgaria. The seminar aims at exploring the project management cycle of volunteering projects and to share good practices, ideas and tips and tricks for successful and fulfilling management of such projects.

We are looking for 30 motivated participants, nominated by the partner organizations, who are willing to be actively participating and involved during the whole project. During 5 working days the group will get ready to run successful volunteering project and thus to improve the quality of the projects they coordinate and implement.

Applicants from the following countries may apply - Austria, Germany, Estonia, Spain, Italy, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Slovakia, Turkey, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria.

If you are interested in taking part in the training, please fill in the following application.
Deadline for applications - 27 January 2020.
All applicants will be informed about the final decision.

If you have any questions, you can reach us at trainings@cvs-bg.org.
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I declare I have read the call for participants carefully and I consider myself a suitable candidate for the training course. If accepted, I declare to attend the full duration of the course (arrival on 23 April and departure on 29 April 2020) and commit to do a follow-up/dissemination activity to be implemented in my country after the seminar. *
I declare that the information I provide in this application can be saved and used internally by CVS-Bulgaria for the sole purposes of this seminar and its reporting in front of the funding authority. *
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