ACRES Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer
As a Wildlife Sanctuary Volunteer, you will help to look after the rehabilitating reptiles that ACRES has rescued in the Wildlife Sanctuary. Your day as a care-giver for them will include food preparation, daily feeding, enclosure cleaning, providing enrichment for the reptiles and maintaining their enclosures.

~Requirements and Description~

Essential rules:
- Be at least 14 years old and above
- Be comfortable in handling reptiles such as tortoises & turtles

Working hours:
- Shift 1: 9:30am to 1pm
- Shift 2: 2pm to 5pm
(Volunteers may choose to sign up for 1 or both shifts)

Minimum 1 shift per month, commit for 3 months.

Volunteers per shift:
Max four (4)

Dress code:
Long pants, t-shirt & covered shoes (or rubber boots if you own one)

In house protocol:
Only vegetarian/ vegan food is allowed to be consumed within ACRES premises - strictly no meat or seafood

How does this works:
After filling in this form, you will start receiving our monthly call-out email to sign up for your volunteering shift at the wildlife sanctuary. Our monthly call-out email will be sent around 20th of every month. After receiving the email, you are required to sign up for your available volunteering shift for the upcoming month (e.g.: If you receive the call-out email around 20th January, you will be signing up for the volunteer shift in February). Kindly note that the volunteer slot is subject to "first come first serve" basis.

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