Creative Block Sign Up 2018 Q1
St. John Bosco Society for Priestly Vocations -- Mr. George with Fr. Eurel Manzano and Mr. Gabriel Castillo will teach the young men of grades 6-8 the rudiments of the fine art of serving at the altar, such as preparing the altar, vestments, and candles, lighting the incense, using the Missal, and assisting the priest at Mass. In this way we hope to aid them in contemplating the possibility of their having a priestly vocation.

History Day Creative Block -- Dr. Bilow-- Students who participate in the History Day Creative Block engage in independent research, examining both primary and secondary sources. The theme this year, Triumph and Tragedy, offers scope to explore issues, individuals, and ideas on any of several levels: local, state, national, global. Those who elect to participate in the History Day Creative Block will certainly develop research and reporting skills well beyond what is learned at the classroom level.

The Ancient Assumptions -- Mr. Dietz -- Students participating in this class, intended for 6th and 7th graders, will be led by Mr. Dietz through an introduction to important ideas that men like Thomas Aquinas and St. Albert the Great considered essential for any educated person to know. Throughout this course, we will learn about the key beliefs and arguments that have shaped the world, focusing mostly on the writings of the great philosopher, Aristotle. We will learn how this seminal thinker wrestled with many of the same questions that we face in our own times and lives, such as what exists and whether we exist. Students will learn about both seemingly obvious things, such as the fact that the world around us consists of matter, and more complex subjects, such as the different kinds of friendships we can have with other people. The aim of this course will be to furnish students with a general background to these topics, so that they are familiar with principles that shaped the world view of the ancient Greeks and Romans.

Roman Military Formations -- Mr. Malone will lead the students through the commands and maneuvers of some Roman Military Formations that will culminate in a mock battle at the end of the quarter. Students will learn about the different formations, the names of different weapons, and the appropriate dress for a Roman Legionary. At the end, the students should have had the Roman history that they have studied come more fully alive as they gain the experience of the fighting force that was the backbone of the Roman Empire.

Griffin Pathfinders: Tracking -- Mr. Flaherty, borrowing from traditional techniques common to many aboriginal peoples of each continent, will share the basic methods of tracking animals and humans taught to him by world-renown the Selous Scout tracker, David Scott-Donelan.

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