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Hey there love, I am so excited for you to enjoy your Mane Experience! Please take a few short minutes to fill out this form. These answers will help me cater to your needs at the best of my ability!
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If you are interested in color of any nature, please provide me with a 2 year chemical history. Example: Summer 2019 I box colored my hair jet black at home. I didn't touch it again until Spring of 2020 at a salon where I had highlights. *
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All clients are held to the standards of our Salon Policies. The 2 most important being: If you are more than 10 minutes tardy to your appointment, you will be asked to reschedule. All appointment reschedules or cancellations need to be done 48 hours before the appointment. If any changes need to be made within the 48 hours, you could be charged 50-100% of the services. Rescheduling Fees are due prior to making a new appointment. You will be sent the Salon Policies before your appointment. *
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