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Expression of Interest in Volunteering at the EUPC

Volunteer Agreement

I am willing to hold a role of service learning/volunteering for the EUPC community with no guarantee of
attending particular presentations or participating in the programme. (Efforts will be made to ensure volunteers to get to attend as much of the programme as possible through the volunteer schedule)
I commit to being open to accepting whatever role the staffing team think would best serve the EUPC2018 community and I understand that I may not get the roles that I ask for on the application form.
Much of the work carried out for the EUPC2018 is undertaken on the understanding that it will be voluntary.
I understand that some core staff will be receiving payment for their responsibilities , and others will not.
The exchange offered by the EUPC2108 for volunteering is a reduction on ticket price, (between 20%-50% depending on volunteer contribution) ‘goodwill’, and other ‘soft’ benefits related to participating in the joy and learning involved in the EUPC event and the great learning before and after the event.
I am responsible for organising and funding my own travel to and from the venue and paying my booking fee and the remainder of my reduced ticket by the dates announced by the organisers in early 2018.
I will be accountable for monitoring and regulating the amount of responsibility I commit to, and ensure that can match that commitment with my actions.
I also commit to self evaluate and not exceed my role and given responsibilities without prior agreement with the co-ordinating team.

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