Executive Speaker Self Assessment

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    Grace D Duffy: President and Founder, Footprint Pathways

    I was an executive who had public speaking coaches along the way and they were my biggest keys to success! I went from a shy, nervous upcoming manager to an executive who searched for public speaking opportunities. As a woman that means a lot and I grew to actually love it! What contributed to my success? Being given honest feedback by a mentor with courage, investing in a coach, videotaping, knowing my audience, passion for my topic, being extremely prepared and practice, practice, practice!

    Ken Wright: CEO Engage4Results Pty Ltd & Keynote Speaker

    Given my time again as a leader I would do exactly what Grace did! Sure, I had the media training courses and speaking courses but as a CEO my toughest part was the speaking at our large corporate conferences alongside the polished professional MC and Speakers. In my leadership coaching now I get the leaders to come up with the skills that they need to be successful and ensure that they come up with speaking/presentation skills, rarely does this surface without prompting, before we can successfully work on it they need to agree it is an important skill to have. We then work on one of their selected skills each month with aim of improving by 10%. As a speaker now I know the difference between presenting as a CEO to your own team and doing presentations to outside groups. The internal presentations a CEO does can be much more difficult and these differences need to be considered when providing this coaching.

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