Electives - Grades 10-12
Please complete this form to rank the electives you would like to take in September. Space is limited and assignments will be made based on interest and availability. DEADLINE - June 25th. Below are course descriptions. Please read carefully before making your selection.

*Senior Colloquium: 12th grade ONLY -
In this course, we will be exploring what it means to be a leader and how leaders influence us as individuals and as a society. We will investigate leadership and how specific leaders impact history. Students will explore the works of a number of civil activists, political figures, and themselves, having an opportunity to improve speaking and listening skills, increase their awareness and effectiveness in a group. The course will be broken into three different sections moving from individual responsibility and choices to political figures and leaders. Students will use this course as a model for civic leadership and engagement and focus on creating a senior activities calendar.

*The Art of Storytelling -
"People need stories, more than bread, itself. They teach us to live, and why." Have you ever taken a second to reflect on how often you seek out stories in your daily life? Everyday we seek out the stories of individuals who face adversities and challenges. We gravitate to literature, music, films, TV (Netflix, Amazon, Apple, Hulu, you name it) countless times a day. Why do we do this? Why do we need it? In this class, students will investigate why stories are necessary to humanity and how and why they impact the quality of our lives. Through a series of projects, students will be tasked to create their own stories incorporating a multitude of artistic mediums including movement, dance, and song.

*Race and Membership in American History -
“Racism is the elephant in the living room in this country. And we pretend it does not exist. Until we acknowledge it, until we acknowledge the past, we are not moving forward.” Rita Bender, quoted in “Still a Long Ways from Justice,” The Los Angeles Times, January 8, 2005. This class will cover issues in American history through the lens of race. By examining many topics, from the devastating impact of Indian Residential Schools, to the complicity and resistance of slavery in New York City, to a scientific program aimed at ridding the U.S. of those deemed “racially unfit,” to the misuses of Civil Rights history, and more, this class will identify how the legacies of these histories have extended through the 20th century to the present day.

*Research and Contemporary Issues -
We will use the library and database to locate/ read/ discuss/ and research Contemporary issues.
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