Want daily emails of the hottest links from the leading experts in Learning?

I'm looking to experiment with a new feature for http://getlittlebird.com and thought I'd start here. Would you like a daily email containing the 5 most retweeted links shared among the 100 most peer-validated experts in Learning? If you put your email in the form below, I will personally email you those links daily for at least the next week, maybe longer. It won't be pretty in format, but I think you'll find it engaging and valuable. Here's a screenshot of what it will look like, this is roughly what I would have sent you today: http://bit.ly/W2M1Fg

I'll send you an email each day for a week with these links in them and then I'll email you asking how useful you genuinely found it. The idea is that if this type of thing really is appealing to people, then in the future we may automatically send out an email like this *on any topic* to Little Bird users.

Up for it? Thanks! I hope you love it!

"Vision inspires experimentation & if experiments validate vision, then you're set." - @glusman re lean startups http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tA508g2jRX8&list=UUQnF0c8GaWDm9T4yMDpGcPA&index=19

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