2020 Request for Proposals
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Which constituencies will be eligible to opt-in to participate in the pilot (e.g. general public, voters with disabilities, students residing out-of-state, etc.)? *
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Based on the answer above, what is the actual or estimated number of voters who will be eligible to participate in the pilot? *
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Is election administrator/primary contact permitted to sign an MOU outlining the responsibilities of all involved parties and funding schedule? *
Is there a separate contracting process that will be necessary (in addition to the MOU) in order to implement the pilot? *
Is there a third-party non-profit partner that the jurisdiction would like to engage as a partner in the pilot for post-election analysis and auditing activities? *
If not, we can introduce the election administrator/primary contact to organizations we’ve worked with in the past.
Is the election administrator/primary contact/communications staff willing and able to collaborate on press releases and participate in press interviews and speaking engagements related to the pilot? *
Would the election administrator support statutory/regulatory change to provide for continued/wider implementation of mobile voting in the jurisdiction? *
Would the election administrator/primary contact/elections staff like a demo from the mobile voting vendors? *
Note: Tusk Philanthropies and its affiliated companies (Tusk Strategies and Tusk Ventures) do not invest in any mobile voting companies or fund the development of any mobile voting technologies or applications.
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