Survey for CRM Practitioners on Issues Related to Sexual Harassment and Gender Equity
Within the field of archaeology, there has been increased interest and attention focused on harassment and discrimination issues at both national and local levels within the last several years. Therefore, this survey seeks to collect information on the experiences that CRM practitioners have had with sexual harassment and gender equity while working specifically in the private and public sectors of cultural resource management. We ask questions about your individual experiences, reporting of those experiences and associated outcomes, and your archaeological training experiences. We also ask about your observations of harassment and discrimination in field, laboratory, and office settings within cultural resource management.

This survey should take approximately 20 minutes. It is completely anonymous and does not ask any questions that would compromise your identity. You may stop the survey at any time, and you may choose to answer only some of the questions. ACRA’s Executive Director is the only one with administrative access to the survey results. ACRA will use these data to create new programs as a part of our Health & Safety initiatives.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Dr. Sarah Herr (sherr at desert dot com).
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