2020 Coffee Booth Application
We offer our coffee booth to local charities and not for profit organizations to raise money for their group. The booth is offered at no cost, along with the setup, and coffee cups. The charity is responsible to buy coffee from Creemore Coffee Co, and teabags from Clearview Tea Co. They must also supply the cream, milk, and sugar. If you find that buying the coffee is too expensive for your organization the market will have coffee available that your organization can use and then pay for the pouches used at 1.75/pouch.

I am looking at replacing Chef Patrick with another attractive option for the charities to make money. I have 2 possible vendors that I am currently engaged in conversation with.

The coffee booth must be set up and ready to go by 08:00 in order to maximize your sale of coffee. Vendors will be looking for breakfast and coffee as soon as they are set up. The enable this the Market Manager will preheat the coffee maker with 3 pots of water. This must be emptied by the charity at the end of the day and put back on the storage shelf. Coffee can be made inside and brought outside in the carafes provided. There is an new electric kettle that keeps water hot for tea.
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