COVID-19 Corporate Accountability Project
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Please fill out this form if your company has more than 500 employers and is not offering sick leave that meets these minimum requirements:

1. Ten (10) working days of paid sick leave for full-time workers AND paid sick leave equal to the average hours worked over a two week period for part-time workers,

2. Immediate availability (no minimum time worked to access the paid sick leave),

3. Pay begins the first day you are out sick (some companies do not pay for the first day or two out)

Your name or other identifiable information will not be published under any circumstances.

The following information may be disclosed: 1. The state where you work, 2. The name of your company, 3. A broad description of your job (server, cashier, etc.)
What company do you work for?
Approximately how many people work for your company
How long have you been working there?
What is your job?
Do you work full-time or part-time?
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Does your company offer paid sick leave?
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If your company provides any paid sick leave, please describe the policy.
If your company provides any paid sick leave, please describe any adjustments made since the coronavirus outbreak.
Have you ever observed someone coming to work sick because they couldn't afford to miss a shift? Provide a brief description of what you've observed, if possible.
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