Mentor Feedback, 2020-21
Hello all! We hope that by now you have a good taste of IIT life!! On our hand, we have tried our best to smoothen your transition into IIT. You all were allotted student mentors at the beginning of this session. We would love to have your feedback regarding the same.
Please Note: The responses will never reach your mentor. Go on and fill your heart!

For any queries, feel free to contact the BSW Mentorship Team:
Sharut Gupta (D. GSec Mentorship): 9877205405
Tushar Bansal (Mentorship Coordinator): 9888554022
Jayant Tarapure (Mentorship Coordinator): 7619690407
Vidushi Toshniwal (Mentorship Coordinator): 9540050334
Shreyansh Chanani (Mentorship Coordinator): 8777688535
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If yes, why? (And what do you expect from your mentor)
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