Dear Sir/ Madam,

Greetings from the Internal Quality Assurance Cell of Mar Ivanios College!

We are extremely happy to note that our students have been employed by your esteemed organisation. Currently, as part of our Quality Assurance processes, we would be very grateful to get your honest feedback about our old students who are are currently employed, or were employed, in your organization. The purpose of this feedback is to understand how employable our students are, and what skills they will need to be trained in to make them more employable and suited to the requirements of their employers.

The information you provide will be kept strictly confidential and will be used only to plan necessary strategies to improve the employability levels of our students.

We sincerely thank you for your time and patience for providing this feedback.

With warm regards,

Mar Ivanios College

PS: Please note that responses to all questions are compulsory; final submission will be possible only after all questions are answered.
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1. How many students from Mar Ivanios College are working (or have worked) in your organization/ department? *
2. For how many years have they worked in your organization/ department? *
Please rate our students who are your employees based on the criteria given below on the 5 point scale given or provide your response as required.
1. Professional competence *
2. Language and communication skills *
3. Team skills (interpersonal skills) *
4. Computer skills and/ or other technical skills necessary as an employee in your organization. *
5. Motivation to do better, learn the job and grow professionally *
6. Moral integrity, sincerity and commitment to the profession *
7. Is there anything which sets apart students of Mar Ivanios College from other employees? If yes, what do you think it is? *
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8. Are there any set of skills which students from Mar Ivanios College lack? Or, is there a set of skills which would make them more employable in your organization? If yes, what are they? *
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9. Generally, what are the skills sets or attitudes you hope your employees will bring with them to your organization? *
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10. How interested would you be to get more students from Mar Ivanios College to join your organization? *
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