Pablo and Sofia April Tango Weekend
Seminar - Workshops - Practica - Milonga
Pablo y Sofia in Basel
Seminar : Giro (6h00)
After having taught and studied the giro during their last trip to Buenos Aires alongside other maestros such as Corrina Herrera y Pablo Rodriguez, Noelia Hurtado y Carlitos Espinoza, Sabrina y Rubén Veliz, or Virginia Vasconi y Julio Balmaceda, Pablo and Sofia will share the results of their collaboration with us over the six hours of this workshop.

Workshop 1 : Barridas y Trabas (90 min)

Worshop 2 : Ganchos (90 min)

All courses are for advanced or hardworking intermediate dancers

Friday, April 8
14h00 - 18h15 Private lessons
20h00 - 22h00 Seminar Giro: part 1
22h00 - 1h00 Private Tango Party with food and drinks - Caminito

Saturday, April 9
13h00 - 15h15 Seminar Giro: part 2
15h45 - 17h15 Workshop 1: Barridas y Trabas
17h30 - 19h00 Workshop 2: Ganchos
1945h - 21h30 Dinner - Caminito
21h30-02h Milonga and Show in Corrientes: DJ Theo Sevdas

Sunday, April 10
14h00 - 16h15 Seminar Giro: part 3
16h15 - 17h30 Red wine, coffee, cheese and sausages

More info : or FB private messages to Primo or Gérard
Facebook event:

Corrientes : Dornacherstrasse 192, 4053 Basel Switzerland

Event team : Gerard Glaus, Udo Zwilling, Primo Cirrincione, Sandra and Catherine Vuilleumier

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