Cloud Video Intelligence Alpha
Welcome to the Private Beta of Google Cloud Video Intelligence API. Please fill in the form to apply for access to the Beta. Video Intelligence Private Beta  is covered under our Trusted Tester Agreement at
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What is your email address that you use for access  to Google Cloud Platform console? *
What is your GCP Project Id? *
This is the project Id of the GCP project that you want to use with Cloud Video Intelligence API. We will use this project ID if you want to join our Early Access for future alphas.
What is the name of your organization?
Are you currently using Google Cloud?
Optional: Please let us know if you are using any part of Google Cloud Platform. Note: We currently only support videos stored on Google Cloud Storage.
Which industry does your organization belong to?
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What is your use case? *
What kind of videos do you expect to send against the API?
What is the average length of the video content?
For Alpha - we will support Video content up to 1 hour.
What do you want to understand within the video?
What are the types of annotations on the video would you like to see?
How soon do you need the API to respond with the results?
What is your acceptable latency for the API to respond with the annotations in the video? For Alpha, we only support Batch.
What other features would you like to apply on Video Content?
How many minutes of video do you expect to send per month in production?
Do you want to customize the API? *
Customize allows you to add your specific label or entity to Video API. Which feature would you like to customize?
Would you be interested in providing training data to make our models more efficient?
For Example: Would you provide training data for Video API to recognize more entities? The new model will be available for all users. This will be a separate end point with separate Terms of Service. Video API or other ML APIs do not use your videos to train Google models.
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