CCS Fall Latin Tests *NOW CLOSED*
Please fill out this form for each student who will be taking a test. Payment is due by Oct. 17 in Mrs. Campbell's folder.
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Student Age as of 10/15
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Latin Level
This test is based on English vocabulary words that are derived from Latin and Greek, with emphasis on academic and SAT vocabulary words.
50 questions (45 minutes), multiple choice
Approximately 37 Latin derivative and 13 Greek derivative questions
20 Easy; 20 Medium; 10 Difficult
This exam is generally meant for grades 6-12, but students of any grade level are allowed to participate.
I wish to register for the National Classical Etymology Exam (Test given online on 11/4/19 - $4)
The Classical Association of the Middle West and South High School Latin Translation Contest is open to students in Latin II and above.
I wish to register for the CAMWS High School Latin Translation Contest (Test given Monday 12/3/19 from 1-3pm, location TBD, $3)
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