MyLuLaoShi 2019 June Holiday HCL Techniques
Dear Parents,

The PSLE Higher Chinese Format Course is designed only for current Pri 5 & 6 HCL students. This is NOT included in regular Main Paper Course. Training of HCL question format is exclusive to HCL (Q6-10, Q16-18, Q21) targeting exam scoring. Students learn formulae for quick grasp and application of complicated concepts. They will learn to analyse high order thinking questions. Before exams, students only need to revise our notes and strategies for 1-2 days, coupled with 1-2 Mock paper practices, and they are ready for exam! Please retain our notes for Secondary school comprehension use.

This course does not cover P5A/B HCL Syllabus and Normal CL Comprehension as they are covered in regular Main Paper Course. HCL Main Paper full practice is in August. Public Students may apply.

This is a five-hour course split into 2 different sessions. Please choose one date from each session.

First Session:
A) HCL Compo Topic Analysis with Practice
- Identifying scope and how to fulfil requirements.
- No essay writing, no homework.
B) Training of HCL Paper 2 Question Format with Practice (Part 1)
(Qn 6-10 改正错字 )
Choice of Dates: 4 Jun (Tues), 9-11.30 am (2.5 hrs)
or 6 Jun (Thur), 1-3.30 pm (2.5 hrs)
or 25 Jun (Tue), 9-11.30 am (2.5 hrs)

Second Session:
Training of HCL Paper 2 Question Format with Practice (Part 2)
(Qn 16 Topic selection, Qn 17-18 phrase explanation, Q21 summary)
Choice of Dates: 4 Jun (Tues), 11.30-2pm (2.5 hrs)
or 6 Jun (Thur), 3.30-6pm (2.5 hrs)
or 25 Jun (Tue), 11.30-2pm (2.5 hrs)

Rate for 5-hr course : $170 (LuLaoShi Regular Student) $200 (Public)
Venue : Bukit Batok Website :
Email : Contact : 8782 0440

1. All registrations are for 2 full lessons. Full payment upon registration. Fees are non-refundable. Payments are fully refunded for unconducted lesson. Complete registration and Full payment before 17 May 2019 Friday. Registration on first-come-first serve basis.
2. Confirmation of commencement latest by 21 May 2019 Friday. (2 weeks prior to start date). Minimum 3 to start, maximum 8.

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