House in Need Updated Form: 2015
We are updating our records and need the following information completed.
Basic Information:
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Resident Affected Address *
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Current Address
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Where you are now? 2015
If you are back in your home and feel comfortable in your situation, that is wonderful and you do not have to complete the rest of this form. We will update your first application as complete.
Are you living at premises affected by Super Storm Sandy
Which rooms are still not completed?
How long do you think repairs will take?
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Are you lifting your home?
Do you need mold remediation?
Do you need help budgeting/planning the rebuilding of your home?
Are you interested in selling?
Would you like a CMA to contact you with a recommendation regarding refinancing options.
Do you need any Demolition work completed?
If you answered Yes to Demolition work, Please give us a brief description of what needs to be done.
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Do you have neighbors not living back at home who need help with lawn care? If so, please give us their address.
We may have a group to mow lawns around town to help with your streets curb appeal
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Are you stuck in the rebuilding stage because you have ran out of funds completely?
There is no more insurance/FEMA money left. You may comment below if needed.
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What appliances have you not purchased yet?
Would you like to be contacted by someone for emotional support?
e.g. Project Hope, Support Groups in your area
Are you in need of furniture at this PRESENT time?
If you responded Yes to previous furniture question, please provide a Brief description of what is needed or what rooms need furniture too.
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Did you apply for NY Rising Grant?
Have you been assigned a NY Rising caseworker?, and/or Schedule an Appointment?
Besides previous questions....What do you feel that you need assistance with at the present time?
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Comments, Suggestions, and Concerns?
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