New Member Application

So you're probably thinking... "Really? An Application?"

We've found that the idea of our league garners a ton of interest from the Madden community. Unfortunately, not everyone who wants to be apart of this league is truly cut out for a league of this type ~~ even if they are a photoshop master or have a good reputation for being a sim player. This is not a casual league. This is a content driven league built around providing an immersive experience for mature sim players.

Therefore, we have an application process so that we can match with the right members of our league and that begins with demonstrating a few things:

- Rulebook comprehension (Know the rulebook!)
- League compatibility (This is not a casual league)
- Stable communication (Keep an eye on your email after completing this form)

Here's how the application process works.

1. You read over the rules

2. You complete the following form about you and the rulebook to make sure you are compatible with this league and you comprehend how this league will operate.

3. You will be sent a Discord invite via email if you are approved to go on to the next part of the process.

This invite will take you to the waiting room on our Discord server which you will need to follow instructions on how to schedule a tryout game with a league member. The tryout verifies that you can be responsible for scheduling a game, streaming your game, and above all else--demonstrate a mature sim style of play.

Good luck!
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