Tell us about your Duke of Ed experience
Current or previous Award participants please use this online form to share your Award story or journey with us! It might just be one special memory or the whole journey. We will use your stories to inspire others to do their Award.If you require any further information please contact the Communications Team at the National Award Office on 02 8241 1500 or email
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Try to highlight the most interesting and special parts of your experience - those things that stick in your mind! The good and the bad, the funny and the sad.
- Focus on specific topics, people, and events; make it personal
For inspiration have a look at our website to see how we write stories
No more than 500 and 700 words please
What do you want the story to be called? We can make this up if you can't think of anything now.
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What level of the Award are you doing or what is the highest level you have completed ?
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