CPOSC 2020 Golf With Your Friends Tournament
Join us for the first ever CPOSC gaming tournament! We'll be playing Golf With Your Friends (https://store.steampowered.com/app/431240/Golf_With_Your_Friends/) - a PC game that's about 70% skill, 20% luck, and 10% silliness. No experience is necessary, but it probably wouldn't hurt to download the game ahead of time and get a few practice sessions in.

1st place - $30 - Your choice of Just Press Play or Steam gift card
2nd place - $20 - Your choice of Just Press Play or Steam gift card
3rd place - $10 - Your choice of Just Press Play or Steam gift card

The tournament will be 7:30PM - 9PM EST on Saturday, December 5th 2020. We will have a practice round, then two or more brackets each of 18-hole rounds. Winners will be determined by lowest cumulative stroke count.

Tournament entrants must be ticketholders to the CPOSC 2020 conference (https://hopin.to/events/central-pennsylvania-open-source-conference-2020). We'll be livestreaming the games on the Hopin platform, but they likely won't be posted online afterwards. If you feel comfortable doing so, you can join the voice chat while we play, but it's not required. Your Steam display nickname may be shown on stream video - you can change it temporarily for the tournament and then change it back if you have privacy concerns.

CPOSC Staff are eligible to play but will be excluded from prize placement.
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