Vegas Ally Skills Workshop 2017
Frustrated with bias and bigotry in our community but not sure what to do about it?

Returning for the fourth (!!) summer, I (Leigh Honeywell) will be running another workshop aimed at helping infosec folks understand how they can be more effective at supporting their underrepresented colleagues. It's a descendent of the Ada Initiative's original Ally Skills workshop ( ) with lots of new material from Frame Shift Consulting ( ), with some special tweaks for our community.

The workshop is open to people of all genders, technical levels, and backgrounds. The more diverse the workshop itself is, the better it works. It is two hours long, and is structured as follows:

* short talk on the background issues (~15 minutes)
* scenario discussions (6-7 topics, with a 10 minute break in the middle)
* small group discussion of a scenario related to sexism in tech
* sharing of the conclusions with the whole group
* next steps, resources, and general discussions (10 mins)

The workshop will be from 1-3PM on Saturday, July 29th, in a suite in Caesar's. Thanks to the wonderful folks at Atredis Partners ( ) for lending us their suite.

Some things people have said about this workshop:

"I liked how it focused on concrete actions and behaviors we could use immediately, not theory." – Ashley Penney

“The key to the Ally Skills workshop is that it creates an environment where, with some basic ground rules, it’s possible to talk through all of those awkward day-to-day moments we all face as professionals in an industry with a gender disparity. Turning the cringeworthy into the teachable is no small feat, but the structure of the workshop makes it not only possible, but fun and surprisingly painless. Awesomesauce.” –Shawn Moyer

“As a woman in security, I thought I knew everything there was to know on the subject, and mostly attended for the promised snacks. To my surprise, I found the workshop to be deeply meaningful. It was encouraging to be in a room full of considerate people that wanted to improve their community, and it was a fantastic, introspective exercise figuring out what those improvements could be.” –Marisa Fagan

“It was enlightening to explore topics around sexism which, as a man in information security, I’m rarely exposed to with such honesty. The ability to have discussions with other men and women in the group was key to fully ingesting Leigh’s great skills lessons and questioning my own attitudes.” –Ryan O’Horo

Thanks for your interest in making our community better for underrepresented people,

-Leigh Honeywell
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