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Hackdromeda is a high velocity cross-functional programming team which participates in hackathons, contributes to open source projects, and solves problems with its own projects using code.

EO Statement:
The Hackdromeda Team is committed to creating a diverse coding environment even though it does not fall under equal opportunity regulations. All qualified applicants will receive consideration for membership without regard to race, color, religion, gender, gender identity or expression, sexual orientation, national origin, genetics, disability, age, citizenship status, immigration status, or veteran status. Members will join us at hackathons and on open-source projects based on skill, availability, and team size limits.

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What is Hackdromeda?
Hackdromeda is a group of students passionate about coding. We put our skills to the test with ambitious, open-source projects. We also challenge ourselves at hackathons and work against the clock to solve real-world problems. If you are interested in contributing to our active projects, coming up with new ideas to tackle, and/or joining us at the hackathon - continue filling out the form! You choose what events and projects you want to be a part of.

Not convinced yet? Check out our past projects:

Polibugs - Polibugs will find the political bias of the news site you provide and balance your news diet by presenting information on the topic or today's news from sources with differing leaning. Learn more at https://www.polibugs.com/

1st Place Winner at CodeDay
Written in Python and JavaScript
Hosted on AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (Linux Instance)

Bug Browser - Bug Browser provides information security, programming, and bug news, education, and reference all in one skill. Bug Browser will teach you how to hack, tell you what a specific bug is, check if you have been hacked, provide a comprehensive briefing on cybersecurity around the world, a list of recent breaches, security tips, information about bug bounty programs and bug bounty platforms, the BugCrowd VRT, active HackerOne programs, and active BugCrowd bounties as well as provide additional information on these bounties. Learn more at https://bugbrowser.net/

Best Security App Winner at Los Altos Hacks III
5th Place Overall
Written in JavaScript
Hosted on AWS Lambda

Contribute to the team with your programming, UI/UX, marketing, and/or graphic design skills.
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