Collection Tools - RealityCapture Benchmark
This form is for collecting benchmark data from the RealityCapture Benchmark by Puget Systems

At the moment, the tool is just for collection of the data. In a later stage, an overview and summarized feedback of the results will be published.

The idea is that the benchmark will be run several times (3 times is enough) to also be able to evaluate the benchmark statistically.

!!! Please delete the first and last line of the result summary (Benchmark Started at .... and Benchmark Completed at ...) - these are sometimes really hard to parse!

All data will be published publicly later. This is just a contribution of a fan of RealityCapture and an admire of PugetSystem (unfortunately didn't own an amazing machine from them yet).
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1. Benchmark *
First run of the benchmark
2. Benchmark
2nd run of the benchmark (optional)
3. Benchmark
3rd run of the benchmark (optional)
4. Benchmark
4th run of the benchmark (optional)
5. Benchmark
5th run of the benchmark (optional)
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