LoveLive! ✨School Idol Tomodachi✨ New version — Features planning
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🎁 GIVEAWAY at the end of the survey.

✨ We are making a new version of School Idol Tomodachi 🎉
After hesitating for a very long time, I decided to restart Sukutomo from scratch. The current code base is very dirty and hard to maintain and it's a mess to add new features.

We now have a new shared framework for all the Circles websites ( We are remaking Sukutomo using this framework, which will greatly improve its stability and allow us to add features more efficiently.

What is going to be in the new version?
⭐ The website will be way less buggy
⭐ It will look a lot cleaner
⭐ It will handle load better with better optimizations and better auto-scaling
⭐ The design will be more consistent across all our websites
⭐ We will be able to add more pages easily - for example when ALL STARS game comes out!
⭐ For devs: your pull requests will be accepted faster
⭐ Cool features that the other websites have already will be in Sukutomo as well, such as: multiple favorite characters, better map of users, filters for activities, activities with tags, internationalization handled per users with friendlier interface for non-native speakers, better reporting system, and many more. Give a try to to see what's new!

But it also means:
🔺 Delay/slow down of new features while we're getting it ready
🔺 Might be launched with fewer features and old features might take time to be re-implemented
🔺 Some features will be removed or changed
🔺 When we launch we will have a short maintenance to migrate the database
🔺 For devs: the REST API might change

What is this survey?
Because remaking all the existing features would drastically delay the launch of the new version of Sukutomo, I would like to know what are the features that you actually find useful.

The survey is in 3 parts:
① Features that we don't plan to re-implement
② Features that will change
③ New features

After this survey closes, I will decide exactly which features are gonna be in the new version or not.
It will also ensure it corresponds to your needs and you're happy with it, because your pleasant experience using my websites is and will always be my priority.

Are you a developer?
We can definitely use some help!

If you're interested in joining this new exciting effort, join our Discord server: and say "developer sukutomo v2" in #ask_permissions_to_join channel.
Feel free to ask any question in the #help_sukutomo channel.

Thank you!


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