Future of Research Feedback Form 2019
From July 2019, FoR will pivot to an entirely volunteer-based organization with the departure of our full-time staff upon completion of our seed grant. We would like to hear what has worked, what hasn't worked, and what we should focus volunteer efforts on in the future. This will help the Board of Directors to decide priorities at the upcoming annual general meeting.

Many thanks for taking the time to give us feedback! Please feel free to leave anonymous comments as you desire, but please do strive to give us honest feedback, as we genuinely want to know what has worked and what hasn't from observers outside the organization.

Our Executive Director will hand-stitch a FoR design onto a tote bag for one lucky survey recipient!

What do you think Future of Research has done well/have you found any of FoR's efforts useful? Please describe.
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What do you think Future of Research has not done well/are missteps the organization or Executive Director have taken? Please describe.
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What would you like to see FoR focus on in the future, and how? Please describe.
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