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4 x Battery Powered Up-lights + Battery Chargers
Unplug cable from each light and remove from transport crate
DO NOT remove cables, power board and chargers from crate
DO NOT press any of the buttons. They are only for advanced use.
The remote control will be used to select colours and functions by pointing it to the front of the light
Quick Start - Remote Control Use

- Point remote to the front lense of the light

- To only control one light without affecting the others put the remote right up to the front lense

- Do Not Touch the Contro Panel on the rear of the light, doing so will overide the remote control functions
Remote Control Functions
Turns light OFF

To turn back ON:

- Select one of the mode functions

- Select one of the static Colours
The selected Single colour will be permanently ON

- Press Buttons [0] - [9] to select a single colour

- Press buttons [+] & [ - ] to adjust light intensity (default setting is 100%)

- DO NOT USE THE [0] SETTING FOR WHITE. (this setting will reduce the battery life to 3 hours)

For White do the following:
1. Press Black Out
2. Press the [W] button
- Press 1 time - 25% brightness
- Press 2 times -50% brightness
- Press 3 times - 75% brightness
- Press 4 times - 100% brightness

Colours will slowly fade from one to the next

- Press [FADE]

- Use buttons [+] & [-] to adjust fade speed
Colours will change with sound / music beat

- Press [SOUND]

- Use buttons [+] & [ - ] to adjust the sound sensitivity
Colours will flash from one to the next

- Press [AUTO]

- Use buttons [+] & [ - ] to adjust flash speed
The strobe effect will add a flashing strobe effect to any pre-selcted Mode or Static Colour

There are four flashing speeds

Each time the strobe button is pressed the flashing speed will increase
Setting for UV, Black Light (Glow in the dark)
Press Black Out
Press the [UV] button 4 times
Setting for White
Press Black Out
Press the [W] button 1 to 4 times. each time the brightness will increse
Press 1 time - 20% brightness
Press 2 times - 40% brightness
Press 3 times - 60% brightness
Press 4 times - 80% brightness
Press 5 times - 100% brightness
Setting Custom Colours (advanced use)
Custom colours may be created using the individual control of the 6 LEDS. R-G-B-W-A-UV

- Press [MANUAL] to enter manual mode

- Press [R] [G] [B] [A] [UV] [W] buttons to cycle through a 20% intensity change of each colour

- Pressing [MANUAL] again will exit manual colour mode, light will blackout.
Static Colours : 6-8 hours
Custom Colour White : 8-10 hours
Custom Colour UV 8-10 hours
Other Custom colours are dependent on the intensity of each colour used : 3-10 hours
Recharging the Battery
Plug in Charging Cable
Switch power ON
RED light on the charger indicates the light is being charged
Once the panel shows _100 the battery is fully charged
The charger light turns GREEN when it stops charging
Pack Up
TIPS - Set Up Effect Example
Less is more when choosing colours. Try choosing just two colours for a more subtle effect.
Illuminating walls, try alternating colours.
Pointing the lights across the floor running down a hallway.
Up-lights illuminating walls.
Up-lightS illuminating plants
UP-lights illuminating columns
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