Contributor Program Application
Please fill out this form if you are interested in becoming a writer/creator for GEN-ZiNE

About GEN-ZiNE: /

- GEN-ZiNE is a publication dedicated to addressing contemporary issues through the lens of Generation Z.
- We are a community of writers, thinkers, and artists who come together to voice our concerns and cultivate a deeper understanding of contemporary issues and responses against them.
- We educate our readers on a variety of social issues and provide them with language and tools to take our critiques from text into action.

Goal of Contributor Program:

- To set up a network of engaging diverse voices that represent Gen Z and a multitude of perspectives in order to consistently produce relevant and thought provoking content for GEN-ZiNE.

What We’re Looking For:

- Motivated individuals who are looking to make a difference through the power of words
- Deliver 1-3 article per month ~500-1,000 words
- Provide insight on what Gen Z’ers want to read and help us evolve as a platform
- Write about your own pitches, or get assigned to an article :)

What We Need:
- 1 Writing sample
- Select area of interest → op-eds, informative/current events, investigative, culture/art, interviews

For any additional concerns and questions, please reach out via
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