Nation Outside: Share Your Story
Part of Nation Outside'e mission is to education the community on the successes of formerly incarcerated people to reduce the stigma attached to incarceration, and so we've started a page on our website to share your stories.

If you are a formerly incarcerated person and want to share your story with us, complete this form! We review submissions on a rolling basis and if we would like to publish your story we will contact you with any editing suggestions. Please be sure to give either your email or phone number so we can reach you with any questions or comments.

Please note that not all stories will be chosen to share on the website, but we appreciate and value every submission we receive.
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Please share how you have been affected by incarceration. What happened? (Aim for 3-9 sentences. Briefly describe the most important and compelling thing(s) about your situation)
What helped? (1-5 sentences: briefly describe what helped in your recovery to change your life, or what would have helped. Aim for a hopeful tone that helps show what is helpful)
How are you different today? (1-3 sentences: share what is going right in your life or how you are experiencing change. This concludes your personal story on a positive note that inspires)
Is there a quote you live by? If yes, please type it below with attribution to the individual.
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