達齊斯縣商業通知網絡問卷/达齐斯县商业通知网络问卷(Dutchess Business Notification Network Survey)
請注意,您的問卷答覆不會被公開分享。 負責的政府單位將收集數據,並根據需要來進行個別回應。 如您有任何問題或疑慮,請發送電子郵件至contact@dutchessbnn.com


(This survey is being released in Chinese on April 22, 2020, for businesses and organizations to provide up-to-date information about their status during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you already completed this survey in March, we ask you to please spend a few minutes doing it again so we have an understanding of what the business community is experiencing.

Please note that responses to this survey will not be shared publicly. The appropriate offices will collect the data and respond individually as needed. If you have questions or concerns, you may email contact@dutchessbnn.com.)

Thank you to our survey translators: Adele Birkenes, Siennah Yang, Yu Zhou, Camelia Manring, Jessica Schwed, Leena Hanna
1. 公司名稱/公司名称 *
Business Name
2. 公司類別/公司类别
Corporation Type
3. 公司地址/公司地址
Business Address
4. 公司聯繫人姓名/公司联系人姓名 *
Business Contact Name
5. 公司職位 (每家公司只能派一個人來填寫此問卷)/公司职位 (每家公司只能派一个人来填写此问卷) *
Role (only one person per organization should answer this survey)
6. 電話/电话
Contact Phone
7. 電子郵件/电子邮件 *
Contact Email
8. 行業類別(請選擇所有適合的選項/ 行业类别(请选择所有适合的选项) *
Industry (check all that apply)
9. 主要產品或服務/主要产品或服务
Primary Product or Service
10. 經營年數/经营年数 *
Years in Business
11. 全職員工人數/全职员工人数 *
Number of Full Time Employees
12. 兼職員工人數/兼职员工人数 *
Number of Part Time Employees
13. 一年的總收入/ 一年的总收入
Annual Gross Revenue
Clear selection
14. 估計冠狀病毒對您公司的影響/估计冠状病毒对您公司的影响 *
Estimated COVID-19 Impact
15. 請問您現在需要什麼樣的協助?(請選擇所有適合的選項)/ 请问您现在需要什么样的协助?(请选择所有适合的选项) *
What form of assistance do you need now? (check all that apply)
16.您現在需要什麼協助才能開始營業?(請選擇所有適合的選項)/您现在需要什么协助才能开始营业? (请选择所有适合的选项) *
What will you need to get up and running? (check all that apply)
17. 您現在有營業嗎?如有的話,您的營業時間是什麼?/您现在有营业吗?如有的话,您的营业时间是什么? *
Are you currently open for business? If yes, what are your hours?
18. 現在您有提供什麼服務?/现在您有提供什么服务? *
What services are you providing?
19. 一旦恢復正常,您需要多久才能開始正常運作?/一旦恢复正常,您需要多久才能开始正常运作? *
How long will it take once the all clear is given to get up and running?
20. 您對於有關重新開業的許可證或政府管理的擔心在哪些方面?/您对于有关重新开业的许可证或政府管理的担心在哪些方面?
What permitting or regulatory obstacles are you concerned with when reopening? (check all that apply)
21. 您現在有什麼具體困難我們可以開始解決?/您现在有什么具体困难我们可以开始解决?
Is there a specific obstacle we can begin working on now?
22. 您現在有多少員工已被裁員?/您现在有多少员工已被裁员? *
How many employees have already been laid off?
23. 您現在多少員工已停工准假?/您现在多少员工已停工准假? *
How many employees have you furloughed?
24. 您現在有打算繼續裁員或給予其他員工停工嗎?/您现在有打算继续裁员或给予其他员工停工吗? *
Do you plan to layoff or furlough additional employees?
25. 您手頭有幾週的資金來維持運營?/您手头有几周的资金来维持运营?
How many weeks of capital do you have on hand to maintain your operations?
26. 您如何獲取有關指示商業運營的官方訊息?/您如何获取有关指示商业运营的官方信息? *
How are you getting information about business directives? (check all that apply)
27. 您是否可以製造或提供基本的醫療用品,例如口罩,面罩,醫用呼吸器,工作服和其他清潔或消毒用品(包括乾洗手酒精和濕紙巾?/您是否可以制造或提供基本的医疗用品,例如口罩,面罩,医用呼吸器,工作服和其他清洁或消毒用品(包括干洗手酒精和湿纸巾) ? *
Do you have manufacturing capabilities and capacity to produce any essential needs such as masks, face shields, respirators, gowns, and other sanitary equipment (including hand-sanitizer and wipes)?
28. 您是否擔心失業保險費率會長期的上升?/您是否担心失业保险费率会长期的上升?
Are you concerned about your Unemployment Insurance rates increasing in the long-term?
29. 其他意見/問題/建議 /其他意见/问题/建议
Other thoughts/questions/recommendations
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