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Thank you for your interest in a Custom Pet Portrait Treat Jar by Amanda Proctor Ceramics!


This form will allow me to gather the information I will need to complete your order. Pricing will vary and shipping will be added for non-local customers.
Please have your photos ready to email after you complete this order form. Photos can be sent to "" using your email provided in this order form.
I will determine if your photos are of good quality to draw a sketch, then I will create a reserved item for you to complete the purchase through my online shop.
I know that is a lot of steps!! You will receive email communication from me along the way to let you know the progress of your custom jar. Email me if you are confused in any way.
Thank you!!

Custom Treat Jar with One pet portrait: $86 + tax + shipping
Custom Treat Jar with Two pet portraits: $100 + tax + shipping
(more detailed pricing below)

Check out my website for example pet portraits!

I post regularly on instagram with cute pets & their mugs! Follow me! @aproctorceramics
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Would you like to order a handmade pottery treat jar with a portrait of your pet carved into the jar? *
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I estimate around 6-8 weeks to complete the jar from date of purchase. It helps to know if you need the order by a certain date. Please write below: *
Do you have photos of your pet that are good quality, a clear view of the face and of the pet sitting? You may email me multiple photos to help understand the shape and coloring of your pet. Use the example photos below to get an idea of how I like the orientation to be on the jar. A clear, straight on, view of the face is KEY! (Mindful of perspective, squat to doggy height for photos straight on the face!) You will need to email photos to me before I can start your order! *
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How many pets would you like on your pottery jar? Have pet siblings? I can carve multiple animals on one jar. *
What breed is your dog/pet? or give your best guess! (It helps if I have to research images to complete the sketch) *
Would you like a tall treat jar or a small treat jar? *
Would you like the pet's name carved beside the portrait? (This adds $2 to the above pricing.) Please type what you would like written here or type "No thanks". *
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What color would you like for your pet portrait pottery jar? (some colors are difficult for pottery. I'm sorry I can't offer a red option or yellow) *
Any other concerns or requests? Other added carvings such as date of birth or current year which I can add to the bottom.. or certain special characteristics of your pet that you want me to make sure is highlighted in the drawing.. etc.
Are you local to Baton Rouge? Would you like me to give you the option to meet at an artist market when I'm in your area instead of shipping your mug? *
Please enter your name, address (for shipping purposes) and phone number to contact about your order if email isn't convenient. *
Would you like to add a Custom Pet Portrait magnet or ornament of this same pet to your order? $24 each. (Choose one magnet, one ornament or check both boxes for magnet & ornament. )
You did great! Please click SUBMIT below and email me your photos at:!
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