Survey: science journalism and other hats

It used to be simple: journalism and public relations were separate worlds. These days, it seems more complex than that. Many science journalists also carry out work for non-media organizations such as research and research funding organizations, governments, NGOs or private companies. In other words, they are wearing more than just one hat.

On Tuesday June 25, 2013, at 14:00 (2pm), the World Conference on Science Journalism in Helsinki will feature an animated debate about this trend and its implications. (See:
This online survey helps set the stage: which other hats are science journalists wearing? Outcomes of the survey will first be presented at the debate; after that, the results will be made available online.

Anyone professionally involved in science journalism worldwide is warmly invited to complete this anonymous survey. Whether you plan to be in Helsinki or not, thanks in advance for taking a few minutes to contribute to our understanding of how the science journalism field is evolving. And feel absolutely free to share the survey link with your science journalist colleagues!

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    We like this survey to reflect the professional status of those who identify as 'science journalists' or who see themselves engaged in 'science journalism' . Those who are scientists, PR officers, educators and so forth only need not complete the survey this time.
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