Holistic Health in 2018
Holistic Health is an approach to life that recognizes there is more to the healing process than curing symptoms. You are a connected whole - mind, body, emotions, soul - in whatever capacity you understand that to be.

Every action we take in our life has a correlated impact on our overall health.

Wherever you are struggling, you are not alone. And the answer may not be as obvious as your GP, best friend, or Dr. Google might have you believe.

At Choose to Cook, we believe that with every choice you make, you are either helping or hurting yourself. And we're here to help you make choices that help. It goes beyond what you cook - that is just a first step, and a huge focus of our mission. But we want to be here for the other aspects of your life where you could use some education, motivation, inspiration or just plain comforting!

This simple survey will help us provide more of the content that you want to read and learn. Your response will make a difference - every response will be respected and acknowledged.

Answering this survey is more than just throwing your 2 cents into the suggestion box though. By answering this simple question, you are committing to yourself that you need to start making better choices in your life. Not one of us is perfect, and the most important choice you can make today, is to improve a little bit every day. Let's start together, right now!

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