Nanoparticle users survey.
There are thousands of scientists around the world using nanoparticles in life science and biomedical research. Many of these scientists make their own nanoparticles and conjugates. Many more would like to but due to the lack of the appropriate preparative skills and equipment they either purchase the materials or don't use these nanomaterials. The choice of commercially available nanoparticle conjugates are generally limited to "secondary reagents" (e.g. anti species, protein A or biotin/streptavidin systems). This is fine for immunocytochemical staining of sectioned material or cell surface labelling. For cell uptake experiments nanoparticles labeled with a primary antibody or some other binding ligand (e.g. peptide, drug, nucleic acid) is preferable. However, these conjugates are not readily available commercially. Custom preparation services are available but are usually expensive because of minimum order requirements. If the "makers" within the nanoparticle research community were incentivised to make their validated reagents available to non makers who require specific "primary" labels this would go some way to increasing both the use of nanomaterials in research and the data generated. The driving force for scientific progress is made when active scientists communicate and collaborate. This survey is to test the concept of creating a nanoparticle users exchange shop where creators of validated niche products not generally available can be reimbursed for making these materials available to other users. If you are interested in this concept and would like more details please contact
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