NCCC Student Tutoring Application
Thank you for taking the time to complete the NCCC Student Tutoring application.

Please review the job description below before moving forward with the application process:

Student Tutors are to work with students in their content areas of expertise. Student Tutors are hired in cooperation with the Academic Center for Excellence. Student Tutors help to clarify subject concepts for students, in the hopes of helping that student succeed in the course and ultimately their college career. Tutoring is a supplement to teaching.

• Student Tutor applicants should have a cumulative GPA of 3.0 or above and have earned a grade of ‘B’ or higher in each course they are applying to tutor.
• Student Tutors must obtain a faculty recommendation signature from the professor they took the course with or the department chair (exceptions are AP, transfer or placement courses)
• Student Tutors are expected to tutor courses below the highest level of completed coursework. For example, a student that is able to tutor in ENG 102 should/will be listed to tutor ENG 101.
• Student Tutors must be able to commit to tutoring for the entire semester.
• Student Tutors must have good verbal and interpersonal communication skills, and the ability to work with students from varied backgrounds and with varieties of skill levels.
• Student Tutors must have an excellent level of responsibility, reliability, and punctuality.
• Student Tutors must exhibit appropriate and professional behavior at all times.

• Student Tutors work with students on a one-on-one basis or in small group sessions to answer questions on course content, to aid in comprehension of course material, and to help with studying the course material.
• Notify the Coordinator of ACE with any changes to your tutoring situation
• Tutors can contact professors, if necessary, to obtain course syllabi and materials or to discuss the course content.
• Attend mandatory tutor information sessions as required by the Coordinator of ACE.

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