RHS Parking Pass Application 2019-2020
This form is for all students who will or may drive to school during this school year (2019-2020). Students may not park on school property without submitting a complete registration and drug testing consent form with the school.

Criteria for Selection: There are 130 parking spaces on RHS's campus. We will not issue more than 130 passes.
1. 12th, 11th, 10th, 9th
2. Drug Consent form and copy of Driver's License given to PRO
3. No outstanding student obligations
4. Attendance

Note: Parking on RHS' campus is a privilege, not a right. Your parking pass can be revoked by the PRO, or the administration at any time throughout the school year.

Application Dates:
Seniors August 1st - August 15th
Juniors August 6th - August 15th
Sophomores August 10th - August 15th

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I acknowledge that my vehicle may be subject to search at any time that is deemed necessary by the administration, while it is parked on the property of the Jackson County BOE. Place your First and Last name in the box below if you agree to the terms on this form. *
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