Nikki's Residents' Survey
Championing your views on local issues 
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Overall, how satisfied or dissatisfied are you with this area as a place to live?
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How important are the following benefits from keeping fortnightly waste collections?  *
Very important
Not important
Avoid fly-tipping and dumped waste
Keep local streets and front gardens tidy
Local residents are listened to (over 60% told the Council they couldn't cope with three-week collections)
If there was one other thing you could improve in the local area, what would it be? 
Which three of these local priorities should be prioritised?
Do you feel safe in your local neighbourhood? 
Very safe
Somewhat safe
Somewhat unsafe
When it is light
When it is dark
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What might help you feel safer?
To help us make this survey representative, please let us know which village you live in. 
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Are you aware that the District Council has been run by a Labour-Liberal Democrat coalition since 2019? 
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To help us make this survey representative, please let us know how you voted at the last General Election in December 2019
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And how did you vote in the June 2017 General Election?
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Thinking ahead to the local elections in May 2023, as things stand today, what are the chances of you voting for each of the following parties – on a scale of 0–10, where 0 means there would be no chance of you voting for the party and 10 means you would be absolutely certain to vote for the party?

Lib Dem
Reform UK (previously Brexit Party)
Won't vote
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The Arbury Ward Conservative team are working to make our area an even better place to live. Would you like to help us make a difference by...
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We'd love to keep you informed about our campaigns and activities. Please tell us how you'd like us to keep in touch .You can opt out at any time. 
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Thank you for completing this survey! 
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