Post-Graduation Survey
This is a survey to ensure that Logan-Magnolia High School is following the vision of "Relentlessly Pursuing Education Excellence for the 21st Century." Please take some time to answer the following questions honestly. Your input and first-hand knowledge if very important to our future decision making. We sincerely appreciate your time in helping us ensure that all students graduating from Lo-Ma will have a positive and successful educational experience.
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What year did you graduate? *
Which best describes your post-high school status? *
Check all that apply
If you attended or are still in college/trade school, what is the name of institution?
If you did not attend college, ignore this question
What is/was your course of study?
Military personnel, what was your specialization?
What is your highest level of schooling?
What do you feel was the class offered at Lo-Ma that best prepared you for what you are currently doing? *
Do you feel that all of your teachers held high expectations for you while your were in high school? *
Explain your answers without identifying specific teachers
Did high school prepare you to utilize technology for what you are currently doing? *
Explain your answer as thoroughly as possible. Give specific examples if possible and specific suggestions.
With the knowledge you have now, what course(s) would/should you have taken to better prepare you for what you are currently doing? *
If you do not know the name of the course, give a brief description of what you should/would have taken.
With the knowledge you have now, what course(s) do you believe Lo-Ma should add to our course offerings in order to meet the needs of our graduates? *
Give a brief description of the course(s).
Do you feel the school provided a safe learning environment? *
Briefly explain your "Yes" or "No" answer.
Did you ever experience significant harassment from other students? *
If yes, do you feel Lo-Ma Schools supported you in ending the harassment? Explain your "Yes" or "No" answer.
Do you feel the teachers genuinely cared about your overall welfare?
Briefly explain your "Yes" or "No" answer
Were you involved in Co-curricular activities during high school? *
If yes, list the co-curricular activities you were involved in during high school
If yes to the above question, explain how your participation in Lo-Ma's co-curricular activities were an important part of your high school experience? *
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