Kitchen Table Climate Conversations Sign-Up
Welcome to the voluntary sign-up for Kitchen Table Climate Conversations! Anyone is welcome to be a host, facilitator or participant in a Kitchen Table Climate conversation. If you need additional help, sign up and organizers are here to help you. Completing this form will help us map where conversations are happening across Ontario.

What is a host?
A host for the Kitchen Table Climate Conversations is someone who will hold a conversation in their home or other location and invite a group of neighbours to have this important conversation. Hosts may decide to run the conversation on their own, or have a facilitator to help

What is a facilitator?
A facilitator helps run a KTC conversation by watching the time, ensuring participants get equal time to speak or ask questions, and helps to keep the discussion on track. Facilitators may rely on the Kitchen Table Climate Conversation agenda, as a guide as well as participate in conversation and summarize the conversation.

What is a participant?
A participant wants to learn more about climate change and contribute to local solutions. Be part of the conversation!
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