BOOK CLUB Issue 8 2019 Quiz
Welcome to the final Book Club Quiz for 2019 - Complete the quiz correctly and be in the draw to win a reading pack for your class - Including posters, bookmarks, and 5 books for your class library. All answers are found within the Issue 8 Catalogue - remember to read the questions carefully.
How many books are in the set of Horrible Science 'Bulging Box of Books' *
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Which of these titles is one of the Issue 8's $2 Books? *
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'Hally Tosis' is the name of a great family dog in a book by Dav Pilkey - What is the name of the book that Hally Tosis appears in? FACT: halitosis is the technical name for bad breath *
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Complete the title of this book by Matt Cosgrove 'Snowman and the...' A twisted re-telling of Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. FACT: Matt has also written also wrote the Macca the Alpaca series of books.
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Which book priced at $12.00 includes a Dragon Necklace? *
Who is the pictured author and illustrator of these graphic novels - Smile, Sisters and Guts?
Spelling of her name needs to be correct :)
Spelling of her name needs to be correct :)
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How much do you save if you purchase the set of 10 Favourite Bedtime Books? *
Deano Yipidee has been travelling throughout New Zealand and may have even performed at your school. He has written books some of these fun read alouds; Nee-Naw, Monster Slime, Knock Knock and Stink-o-saurus. In Deano's latest book, what does the Stink-o-saurus save? *
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How many Books are there currently in the Bad Guys series by Aaron Blabey *
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Who wrote 'Becoming Jo'? A modern re-telling of the famous novel 'Little Women' by Louisa May Alcott. (Clue: 10+ section) *
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Thank you for your entry and we look forward to you participating in the quizzes 2020!
Over the holidays remember to keep on reading to prevent that 'Summer Slide'.
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