Instrument 2: Post Intervention Participant Survey
You will be presented with 16 topics and five open-ended questions regarding the substitute teacher online orientation module's overall effectiveness. Please rank the level of importance on the following 16 topics and provide feedback on the module's instructional effectiveness on questions seventeen through twenty one.

Rate each topic on a scale between unimportant, little importance, moderately important, important, and very important.

Check in and out procedures. *
The process of reporting to the school, administrator, and classroom as well as the steps to sign out in the afternoon.
Daily responsibilities of the classroom teacher. *
Understanding the tasks the regular classroom teacher is responsible for such as: lunch schedule, hall duties, planning period, etc.
Attendance reporting. *
The policies of reporting student attendance and tardies.
Punctuality *
The ability arrive to school and assigned duties on time.
Dress *
Professional appearance of the substitute teacher.
Communication with full-time teacher. *
Communicating issues that arise in the teacher's absence.
Criticizing curriculum, teachers, students, and policies. *
Openly discussing school issues with others.
Personal use of technology, cell phones, and social networks. *
Use of these technologies during the school day.
Student confidentiality *
Protecting the students privacy regarding grades and social issues.
Classroom Management and Instruction
Follow lesson plans provided by the teacher. *
The importance of sticking to the plans left by the classroom teacher.
Emergency procedures *
Procedures to follow during emergencies to protect students and teachers.
End of day procedures. *
Recap the day to the teacher, straighten up desk and surrounding area, secure books and resources.
Discipline procedures. *
The substitute's responsibility with student discipline.
Behavior management procedures *
Practices to manage students and prevent behavioral issues.
Proper interactions with students *
Appropriate communication and interaction with students.
Handling bullying, harassment, and suicidal behaviors *
The school's policy on a teacher's role in aiding students with bullying and suicidal situations.
If you do not have anything to share, please just type "NA"
What was the single most important topic presented that you believe best prepared you for the classroom? *
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Based on your response to the previous question, why do you believe this was the most important topic presented in the training module? *
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What topics would you like to see added to the orientation-training module? *
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What topics should be presented in greater detail in future professional development sessions? *
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Would you recommend this training to others? *
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