ConFest Easter '20 - Volunteers Application Form

Thanks for your interest in attending our Easter ConFest 9th - 14th April to 2020!

There really is no other event like ConFest. Creating our one of a kind, magical gatherings, takes whole community effort all through the year. Volunteering will bring you closer to the heart of the amazing community behind the scenes that make it all happen.

ConFest doesn’t fit the mould of the average festival, so it’s really important that you READ AND UNDERSTAND the content in this application form, before applying to volunteer.

PLEASE NOTE: Filling out this form does NOT automatically mean you have been approved to volunteer or to come on site early. You must wait for confirmation from the Volunteer Team. Any one who arrives early on site without prior arrangements will be turned away at the gate.

Looking forward to sharing a magical time with you all!

With love,
Kali, Zoe and Vince
ConFest Volunteer Team

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