Community Networking Monthly Topic: Presentation (15 Oct 2015)
Personal Data Collection Statement 個人資料收集聲明
The personal data provided on this form is used by SSI for purposes related to the processing of enrollment and administration. Under the provisions of the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance, applicants have rights to request access to and make correction of their personal data. 申請人於此表格提供的個人資料,本會只會用作處理報名及行政的有關事宜。根據個人資料(私隱)條例,申請人有權查詢及更改其個人資料。
Priority is given to SSI Registered Professionals and Students. 本會的「註冊專業人員」和「學員」將可優先參加此活動
Registration No. (for Registered Professional) / Course Code (for student) 註冊編號 (供「註冊專業人員」填寫 / 課程編號 (供學員填寫)
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Salutation 稱謂 *
Full Name 名字 *
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Company Name 公司名稱 *
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E-mail Address 電子郵箱 *
Please ensure correct email address is filled, otherwise application will be lost. 請確保填寫正確的電子郵箱,否則將不能處理申請。
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How do you know this seminar? 您如何得悉此講座資料? *
Declaration 聲明
1. I declare that all information provided in this application and the attached documents are, to the best of my knowledge, accurate and complete. 本人聲明在此申請表格及隨附文件所載的資料,依本人所知均屬完整真確。
2. I consent that if admitted, I will comply with all the Rules and Regulations stipulated by the Six Sigma Institute 本人同意如所報讀課程獲取錄,本人定當遵守六式碼學會所定的規則及章程。
3. I have read the IMPORTANT NOTE in this application form and understood that the details of enrolment are subject to revisions in the course pamphlets and the latest changes in SSI website. 本人已細閱申請表格內的重要通知,並明白所有報名詳情均以本會課程單張及網頁的最新修訂為依歸。
4. I understand that Personal Data collected will be used for processing application for admission, registration, academic, administrative, research and statistical purposes and will also be used for marketing purposes, specifically for the purpose of sending you information relating to SSI’s latest developments, job matching support services, events and training courses. Personal Data will be treated in strict confidence. Unless otherwise agreed by me, Personal Data will not be transferred to any third parties. 本人明白所收集的個人資料將會作入學申請、登記、學術、行政、研究、統計及市場分析及用於推介本會最新發展、就業支援服務、活動和培訓課程的用途。個人資料會嚴格保密處理。除非獲得本人的同意,個人資料不會轉移予第三者。
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