New Adult Scavenger Hunt Takeover Sign-ups for August
This form is for New Adult authors who wish to sign up for takeovers of the New Adult* Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group, an extension of the New Adult Scavenger Hunt biannual event. These time slot are for the full day (12:00 AM U.S. EST to 11:59 PM U.S. EST). Authors will be given admin status three days prior to schedule posts, and removed from admin status three days after their takeover. During the takeover, authors may post anything they please to promote their novels. This includes excepts, bios, teasers, games, giveaways, etc.

*The age range represented in new adult novels is 18 thru 25; and we welcome all new adult genres and subgenres including fantasy, historical, science-fiction, romance, etc.

New Adult Scavenger Hunt Facebook Group:

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