#SENDsdo is a partnership between #TeamADL and SEND-IT. This partnership provides settings with a framework for delivering a strategic framework for SEND and a digital solution to maximize impact and minimize paperwork. The form below is decided into three sections:

* Part 1: Information about your setting, so we can deliver a solution, that best meets your needs
* Part 2: Your choices relating to a Provision Review model and FREE SEND-IT trial options.

On completion, you will be sent a quote of the cost and time commitment. Where necessary, we will follow-up with a call, before sending a quote. Any information submitted will be confidential and in accordance with #TeamADL Privacy Policy. No information supplied will be passed on to Third Parties.
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Part 1: About you and your setting
This is to help us provide you with a solution, that best meets your needs and requirements.
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Part 2: SEND Provision Review
This is to determine which model is best for you and the community you serve.
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