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Stress can take on many different forms. Stress can look like sadness, anxiety, worry, anger, impulsivity, “snapping” at friends or family, crying, or isolating from others. It can disrupt sleeping patterns, social relationships, academic success, and the home environment. It is hard to watch those who we care about suffer from the intense experience of stress.

To help understand what stress is, identify factors that can contribute to or influence stress, build resiliency, and manage stress, Taylor Foster, LCSW will be offering a six-week group focusing on stress reduction. Group members will learn to identify their personalized symptoms of stress and build on strengths they already have to help manage stress. The benefits of working in a group are to help find a community of peers, feel less alone, strengthen communication skills, and help to give and receive support from others. If you or someone you know would like to explore ways to stress less, please complete the referral below.

This group is aimed to serve 13-18 year olds, and is flexible to be broken down into more than one group if ages or needs warrant.

The group is planned to begin Monday July 12th for 6 weeks. Time TBD (there is a question below)
Fee for this group is $45 per session OR $240 ($40 per session) if paid in full by 7/12!

Groups will be held at 2300 East Avenue (Tree of Hope Counseling office) and weather permitting, participants will meet outside in a relaxed setting, that allows for walking through the orchard or sitting in the shade of the trees on this beautiful property! Virtual group is an option (if enough potential participants prefer this - there is a question about this below).
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